Many of today's business problems are restricted by the limitations of available computing power . Knowing how to get an answer from your information must be complemented by the processing power needed to get the job done. 

To meet this need, we offer cloud and parallel supercomputing solutions and distributed cluster processing solutions for private and third party systems and managed services. Computing science has advanced beyond the race to speed up the sequence of tasks performed. The dimension of parallel computing of tasks has moved firmly to the mainstream. 

"Processing numerous computations at the same time has become  a mainstream option"

Whether it be modelling, sensitivity tests, or merely simple arithmetic calculations on industrial amounts of data, there are numerous approaches that now exist. The choice of solution depends largely on the frequency or flexibility of calculation needed, cost-benefit prioritisation and the nature of the front-end required for which kind of users. HADOOP, Openstack, Beowulf and simple batched clusters are among the relevant back-end technologies.

"Frequency or flexibility of calculation needed, cost-benefit prioritisation and which kind of users.will use the system define the solutions necessary"

Existing Storage Area Networks can be leveraged in many contexts, depending on requirements, or the chosen network computing platform's redundant storage system can be used. 

Our solutions also account for existing server and desktop processing power that is left unused in organisations. This can be relevant where some or all of your systems are over specified for actual needs or where processing down time can be leveraged. 

"Existing IT investment can be leveraged for distributed and redundant processing power on your existing servers or desktops"

Where fresh infrastructure is required, either cloud based or onsite water cooled rack server solutions with in-memory databases are alternatives that can be combined with existing hardware. 

"Onsite rack servers with in-memory databases or 3rd party cloud based virtual machines can be combined with existing hardware"

Designed solutions can be purchased or leased, where relevant. These vary from general turnkey solutions to specific parallel processing applications. 

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