We offer a number of confidential digital, strategic, financial and technological solutions to corporations and investment solutions to family offices, high net worth individuals and sophisticated investors. Our authoritative and responsive approach is driven by fact based methodology. Whether strategic planning, tactical rapid resolution of organisational problems, engaging our data scientists or accounting for realpolitik, we guide you to your objectives. 

Our solutions range from dealing with personnel fallout from organisational change to valuation and behaviour of markets and their political, tax and legal risks. Our experience in the management of global cross-functional teams in multinational and start-up settings, lobbying EU and UK regulatory and legislative authorities, cutting edge analytics of mainstream funds and alternative investments, generation of model portfolios or trading systems, identification and neutralisation of class-action and regulatory risks, specification of network clusters and operations centres or fact-based marketing budget allocation and product development all define our offering of a single point of contact that pans a range of your needs. 

We offer the same level of service whether we are analysing the future of your industry, managing risk exposure from a shipping fleet, examining cross border tax liabilities, valuing M&A proposals or developing quantative analyses of behaviour in financial markets. 

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