From fund flows to fleet sales, we believe that revenue and sales analysis is at its best when it goes beyond an accounting perspective of your business to uncover opportunity and understand risks. Solid breakdowns can give a clear understanding of how all, some or specific clients contribute to your bottom line.

"Our rolling sales analysis goes beyond top level numbers, breaking down their drivers, targeting marketing and pinning down what you can and cannot control"

Revenue drivers tend to change over time, and some ebb and flow in predictable or cyclical ways. Factors to account for statistically can include:

  • Distribution and sales strategies
  • Corporate marketing and events
  • Client specific metrics
  • Industry metrics
  • Macro economics and financial markets 
  • Sentiment
  • Regulatory change

While marketing must retain its creative flair, properly designed and interpreted metrics can ensure greater budget efficiency. This advance is not limited to the data rich world of the internet and other electronic delivery platforms. We also ensure that its benefits are across sectors and the enterprise, offering a different perspective where accounting data would otherwise be the end of the road. 

"Marketing budgets can and should become more accountable and targeted in both electronic and bricks-and-mortar commerce"

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