Corporations at the forefront of innovation, their industries, in the press or under consideration by legislative or regulatory authorities must all consider the importance of reaching out to decision makers. The key to that contact is to offer genuine value to the decision maker.

"Decision-makers appreciate frankly honest assistance"

Even the most maligned business will have redeeming features that public servants can recognise. Positive activities and information can be used by public decision makers to fulfil their responsibilities and objectives. either as a result of presentations, documentation, discussion or other communication on your behalf. 

"Corporate citizenry is most useful when it is sustainable - the value of unsustainable or costly approaches must be carefully assessed"

Beyond that investment in trust, an approach to corporate citizenry should be sustainable. Where interests have limited sustainability, particularly where they incur reputational costs that risk other consequences, their time horizons must be assessed and suitable exit strategies can be considered. 

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