Our methodology is fact driven and rooted in listening closely to our clients, mapping the logic that drives their objectives, the associated pressures and the opportunities for execution. At root, it is a reflective scientific approach designed to drive optimal results on the time scale that you require. .

"We do not merely gloss or sanitise business school theories instilled in management and their consultants"

We do not pursue glossy sanitised versions of academically defined outcomes that business schools instil in management and their consultants. We define solutions that make strictly rationale options brief and implementable. This has numerous valuable consequences. 


We invite frank discussion with our clients regarding their objectives in a safe environment. Discussion of unspoken assumptions, hopes and red line areas are encouraged. Although this is central to delivering value in a useful form that is appropriate for the setting, not all consultancies wish frank discussions to go that far. We believe that pursuit of shareholder value must go beyond referring to that caricature. Frank discussion often facilitates clients' clarity of need and their expectations in ways they did not expect.

"We go beyond pursuing the usual caricature of shareholder value"

An example? There can be different assumptions behind the same requirement if it is set by an owner-manager versus by a manager in a listed company. This is often a question of:

  1. Time horizons
  2. Proximity to a VC exit
  3. Corporate versus divisional/team metrics

Expanding on the third example, the pursuit of a central corporate objective may hinder divisional profitability or other metrics. Objective discussion can then identify whether pursuing the best "local" outcome can indeed add to corporate objectives or not. Appropriate routes can then be assessed and selected.

Increasingly complex global organisations, cross cutting requirements, the challenges of acquisition integration or being integrated all make this clarity necessary. The pressures of global and local competition, the increasing pace of change and the dynamics of a blossoming or failing merger all reveal objectives' flaws when their assumptions are not worked through.


Rapid crisis evaluation and strategic planning both result in implementation. Our fact based scientific discipline thus explicitly stresses the tactical element. We do not limit our prescriptions to slick reflections of ivory tower theories or tired methodologies. The undoing of many strategies is between the execution that follows polished slide-decks and the medium term results that follow. 

"We emphasise tactical considerations where relevant, both in your dealings with third parties and internal pressures"

Central to this is the identification of and accounting for the corporate narrative and evaluating how it relates to your requirements and the environment. This is of particular importance in companies enduring operational, financial or reputational stress, with the poor outcomes that can come from the group-think or organisational politics that result

We address the threats facing your decisions, both external and internal. The internal factors are those most commonly unaddressed. Brand, human capital, culture, personalities, data, systems, regulation, reputation and inertia are all the potential saboteurs of your bottom line before you even face your competitors. 


Our principle of confidentiality ensures that you can trust us and goes beyond protecting your operational integrity. 

"Your confidentiality is future proofed for any eventuality, including never being used in our marketing"

We do not use your engagement of our solutions or services for our marketing.purposes. This tenet runs through every relationship we enter into to future proof those benefits for any eventuality. 

"Our billing model ensures your trust for the long term"

Fairness is central to any relationship and our billing model is used to drive the maintenance of trust for our long term relationship. 

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