Our ability to offer solutions that blend expertise is the result of our consultants' multi-disciplined experience and the synergies between their individual specialisims. We pride ourselves on our positively unusual fusion of human capital and skills, whether engaging our data scientists or navigating organisational or regulatory realpolitik. 

"Polymath approach - real expertise beyond the siloed 'fee earner' consultancy model"

This approach also means that we do not suffer from disincentivisation inherent in the traditional 'fee earner' consultancy model. Our unsiloed approach does not result in conflicts of interest within our firm or versus our relationships with our clients. It thereby allows the delivery of solutions with our total analytical and creative commitment. Our holistic approach also increases access to consultancy solutions for mid-sized companies. . 

We bring together expertise in the following areas:

Scenario Planning Investments Data Science
Change & Culture Model Portfolios Super Computing
Crisis Resolution Capital  Structured Databases
Sales & Marketing Performance Analysis  Unstructured Databases
Brand Awareness  Market Risk Storage Infrastructure
Political Risk Security Risk Network Infrastructure
Legal Risk Behaviourial Science Web applications
Regulatory Risk Macroeconomics  Business Process & ERP
Lobbying (EU & UK) Econometric Modelling Relationships & CRM

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